Technology and School Essay Paper

Technology and School
Technology and School

Technology and School

Technology and School.Investigate the connections between student and teacher expectations and responsibilities in the use of technology in school.
Review the video series, from Educational Impact:
Present your thoughts and findings in a different multimedia format from that used in Week 2. Consider use of the Technology Resource Library for suggestions.

Address the following in your paper/ or presentation:

  1. What are the differences in student and teacher use of technology? How has this evolved?
  2. What are the three “T”s as suggested by Warlick? What impact do these have in classroom management?
  3. What further expectations should be in place in classroom use of technology?
  4. What staff development might be indicated by this video series?
  5. What social media concerns should be addressed at the school level? How might this best occur?
  6. How will you, as a teacher role model, best address the needs of your students in technology use?

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