Effects of social media, negative or positive

Effects of social media
Effects of social media

Effects of social media, negative or positive

State your position on the effects of social media.(negative or positive) then draw a conclusion about social media and how it affects our lives.

In this day and age, social media constantly surrounds us.  People are always on their phones or laptops updating statuses, posting pictures, liking things, and messaging back and forth with friends.

Some of the positive impacts of social media platforms include, that it is great for making and maintaining relationships with people, self-expression, self-identity, emotional support, and community building.  While on the other hand, the negative impacts of social media platforms include issues like increased levels of depression and anxiety, poor sleep quality, dissatisfaction with body image, cyberbullying, and FOMO.  In general these negative impacts of social media are typically attributed to unrealistic depictions in posts that cause viewers to feel inadequate.

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Single dominant supplier Essay Paper

Single dominant supplier
               Single dominant supplier

Single dominant supplier

A monopoly is a supplier of a product or service that has no competitors – it is the sole provider in a market. Some people also include a market with just two or three suppliers – but that is not a ‘pure monopoly’.The word monopoly may refer to the situation in which there is only one supplier of a product or a service, or the supplier itself.

1. The balancing of supply and demand

2. Production costs

3. Perfect competition

4. Monopoly and how the existence of a single dominant supplier for a commodity affects the marketplace, and Consumer demand theory

5. Opportunity costs.

6. How do Cartels manipulate the price of oil and gas?

7. What is a Veblen good? Discuss what products the Consumers buy for the pride of owning it in addition to its value.

8. What is the impact that supply and demand have on pricing?

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California Return for Jack & Norma Jones

California Return
California Return

California Return

California Return for Jack & Norma Jones

Based on the Form 1040 with supportive forms and the information provided below, please prepare 2017 California Return for Jack & Norma Jones. They reside at 15 Maple Street in San Jose, CA 95134. Refer to the CA Form 540 Instructions, Week 9 supplemental lectures for the mechanics of CA Individual Tax Forms.

Jack Jones was born May 1, 1967 and works as an engineer at ABC Technology, his taxable wages (after 401k deductions, etc.) is $130,000 per year. His wife Norma Jones (born June 2, 1969) was a bookkeeper for Al’s Supermarket – she earned $35,000 during the first 9 months of the year and then was laid off for the rest of 2017. Their wage amounts are the same for federal and California. Norma has also received $11,000 in unemployment compensation from the state of California.

In 2017 Jack and Norma were covered by a healthcare plan offered through Jack’s company.

Jack has had $28,200 of Federal income taxes withheld from his paychecks and $10,000 California income taxes withheld from his paychecks. Norma had $1,800 Federal income tax and $1,000 California income tax withheld from her Al’s Supermarket paycheck. There were no taxes withheld on her unemployment compensation.

They have sold 100 shares of ABC Technology stocks during the year for $62,000 that they acquired in 2003 for $50,000. Note that everything they sold is long-term capital gains. You should assume that the cost basis for California purposes is the same as for Federal purposes. None of the stocks sold are qualified small business stock.

They received $400 of qualified dividend income from their ABC Technology stock. They also received interest income of $156 from Wells Fargo Bank. Norma is originally from Las Vegas, NV and a few years ago her parents gave her some City of Las Vegas municipal bonds which she still owns. She received $600 of interest income from these bonds which is tax exempt for Federal income tax purposes.

They have children but they finished college and have moved out – Jack and Norma do not support them.

They have owned their own home in San Jose since 1992, have mortgage interest of $9,800, and property taxes of $4,000. They own two cars and the deductible part of their DMV fees is $130. In April 2017, they filed their joint 2016 California income tax return and paid $1000 tax due to California.

Here is a list of their cash donations to various organizations:

  • Saint Mary’s (Roman Catholic Church) $2,000
  • Second Harvest Food Bank $500
  • Santa Clara University (Fundraising Campaign) $1,000
  • Make-A-Wish Foundation $100

With time on her hands, Norma has prepared and filed their joint federal Form 1040 but she has hired you to prepare the California Form 540 (and any required schedules).
You need to prepare a California Form 540 and a California Schedule CA540. If required, you should also prepare a California Schedule D540 (hint: read the directions). You may assume there is NO Federal or California AMT to consider.

Please note that I recommend using California fill-in PDF forms and not use tax software for this HW. Another option is to prepare 1040 first in tax software before you prepare California forms. This will take more time though. But it is up to you.


1. Review Jones’ Form 1040
2. Download fill-in California Form 540 and Schedule 540(CA) and Form Instructions.
3. Start with 540(CA) to identify Federal/California differences
4. Move to Form 540 – line 13 is Federal AGI $188,556
5. Use 540 Instructions, CA (540) to complete Form 540

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Changing Society Discussion Assignment

A Changing Society
A Changing Society

Changing Society

Your reading for this week covers many different art movements, such as Noveau Réalisme, Fluxus, the Situationists, and Pop art. All of these movements are a response to the changing society that followed World War II.

In this week’s discussion forum, you will choose a work of art by an artist covered in this week’s reading and identify the sources that inspired it, as well as its relationship to society and the viewer.

  • What issues was the artist addressing?
  • How did they attempt to engage the viewer?
  • Did their work involve performance or unusual materials?
  • Did it have a specific message or attempt to elicit a particular response from the viewer?
  • What materials (if any) were used and do they contribute to the meaning of the piece?

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Child abuse suspect Essay Paper

Child abuse suspect
Child abuse suspect

Child abuse suspect

Discuss and explain the difficulties an investigator may encounter when interviewing spouses and children of a child abuse suspect.

Identify other sources of information an investigator may seek to corroborate a victim’s disclosure.

Discuss the overall importance of corroboration in child abuse cases.

Upon receiving a report, CPS conducts an investigation, within a specified time frame (typically within 24 or 48 hours or up to 5 days, depending on the State). The goal of CPS is to determine whether or not maltreatment has occurred and is likely to occur in the future and whether the child’s safety can be ensured in the home. In forming conclusions about maltreatment and risk, the worker receives input from other professionals and from non-professionals (e.g., parents, children, neighbors, relatives), but the final decisions lie with CPS.

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Technology and School Essay Paper

Technology and School
Technology and School

Technology and School

Technology and School.Investigate the connections between student and teacher expectations and responsibilities in the use of technology in school.
Review the video series, from Educational Impact:
Present your thoughts and findings in a different multimedia format from that used in Week 2. Consider use of the Technology Resource Library for suggestions.

Address the following in your paper/ or presentation:

  1. What are the differences in student and teacher use of technology? How has this evolved?
  2. What are the three “T”s as suggested by Warlick? What impact do these have in classroom management?
  3. What further expectations should be in place in classroom use of technology?
  4. What staff development might be indicated by this video series?
  5. What social media concerns should be addressed at the school level? How might this best occur?
  6. How will you, as a teacher role model, best address the needs of your students in technology use?

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Experimental Psychology Research Paper

Experimental Psychology
Experimental Psychology

Experimental Psychology

Experimental Psychology test;Does absences affect exam grade


You will be attempting to analyze a set of data and write it up in APA format. As in class, you must have a title page, Introduction with 2 citations, a purpose and hypothesis, Method section, Result section, and a figure (Scatterplot) all in APA format. Please upload 2 documents into live text:

APA complete paper for Multiple Regression Analysis
SPSS Data and output tables for multiple regression analysis
Multiple Regression

Data was collected to see if overall absences in high school and a student’s SAT score were good predictors of their overall mean exam grade in in college.

Use the data below to compute a multiple regression analysis. As in lab 4 you must include the overall R2 and statistic for the Multiple Regression, the individual predictors’ statistic, and the overall % that the predictors contribute to the Mean Exam Grade.

Student Absences SAT MEAN EXAM GRADE

1 4 620 82

2 2 750 98

3 2 500 76

4 3 520 68

5 1 540 84

6 0 690 99

7 4 590 67

8 8 490 58

9 7 450 50

10 3 560 78

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Quantitative research proposal

Quantitative research proposal
Quantitative research proposal

Quantitative research proposal

Quantitative research proposal on Impact of teacher satisfaction

Topic: Shared leadership and the Impact of teacher satisfaction

Choose and explain one of the quantitative research designs reviewed in this course to address your Statement of the Problem, the Purpose of the Research, the Research Question(s), and Hypotheses from the previous assignment. The following components should be included within your quantitative research proposal:

The Statement of the Problem, the Purpose of the Research, the Research Question(s), and Hypotheses from the previous assignment.

A new Research Methods section that explains the following components:

  • Describe and justify the type of quantitative research design employed to address the research question.
  • Indicate whether the quantitative research design represents basic or applied research.
  • Describe the larger population the sample participants will represent.
  • Describe the sample participants, justify how they will provide the needed data, and explain how they will be chosen for the study.
  • Summarize how the data will be collected to include how validity and reliability will be supported.
  • Describe how the ethical treatment of the sample participants will be ensured, any additional ethical issues in need of consideration, and any limitations of the study.

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Evolution of Genre (film) Essay paper

Evolution of Genre 
Evolution of Genre

Evolution of Genre

You will write an Evolution of Genre essay of 4 pages in length (double-spaced, 12-point font). This essay will require you to provide a more in-depth analysis of films viewed, as well as synthesize major ideas, movements, and figures covered in class.

Evolution of Genre Essay Prompt:

The goal of this essay is to track the development of a particular genre across multiple periods in film history (silent era, pre-WWII, and/or modern cinema). The overarching goal of this essay is to make specific connections between early cinematic movements/genres and the later films they influenced.

Your Evolution of Genre essay should be structured around an argument that makes broad claims about the function(s) and goal(s) of the genre.
You should combine independent research and analysis of two specific genre films (from two different time periods) to define the conventions of the genre you select.

You should examine how these genre films reflect (or have an impact on) the era in which they were produced by discussing the FILM 111 fundamental question: “How does the history of film affect our cultural, social, and/or political reality?” and guiding course concepts:

  1. Art and Life;
  2. Literacy (Visual/Narrative);
  3. Ideologies (Social/Political/Economic/Artistic);
  4. Technology and Innovation.

Recommended Genres Encountered in Class:

  • Horror (The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari – 1920, The Mummy – 1932)
  • Western (The Great Train Robbery – 1903, Stagecoach – 1939)
  • Gangster (Scarface – 1932)
  • Musical (The Jazz Singer – 1927)
  • Science Fiction (A Trip to the Moon – 1902)

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Interview Assignment paper Available



Interview Assignment

You will be asked to act like you are interviewing a professional (i.e., PT, OT, professor, researcher, AT, management/ marketing, MD, nurse, etc.) in your field using the questions below.

The goal of this assignment is to demonstrate the relevance of understanding sociological and cultural factors in your future profession as well to ascertain the topics in the course that were important to you.

  1. Background Questions
  2. Name and Profession
  3. Years in the Profession
  4. Educational Background
  5. What was your career path to where you are today?

Sociology Questions

  1. What social issues do professionals in our field currently face?
  2. One thing we learned about in this class was ( insert topic of your choice). How do you see this topic affecting our profession?
  3. What social and cultural issues should future professionals be ready to address?
  4. How can I prepare myself to be ready to address these issues? What should I expect to gain in the classroom and my field experiences that will prepare to address these social and cultural issues?
  5. Is there anything else I should know that would help me prepare for a career in this profession?

Interview Assignment- Keys to doing well

Question 5 is to help you get more insight from your interviewee but you can ask other questions in addition to the ones listed.

* The goal of this paper is to see how you relate the concepts to your career development. Therefore, I need to see you know concepts from this course and are able to connect them to your interviewee’s responses.

* Your paper should not read like a transcript of your interview.

*You should quote your interviewee throughout the paper using APA. Also, use APA for any references you in make in your paper and have a reference list at the end.

* The majority of your paper should be your analysis of the interviewee’s responses. I am evaluating you; not your interviewee.

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