Law of Evidence Research Paper

Law of Evidence
Law of Evidence

Law of Evidence

When a crime has been committed, a suspect is often first identified by a witness looking at photographs on social media, or during a street identification conducted by the police. Consider critically whether there exist sufficient safeguards during the process of the police investigation and any subsequent trial to protect someone identified in these ways from the dangers of a mistaken visual identification. Most importantly, highlighting these 12 key areas.

1. History of eyewitness evidence (also cover pre and post devlin)

2.Turnbull direction & supporting cases (Rv Bentley, Shand v R, R v Thorton, R v Slater) and that about withdrawing the cases from the jury

3.Criticism of turnbull (analysis and psychological research)

4. Formal & Informal Ids

5. Code D & ID procedures

6.Criticism of Code D and STREET ID

7.Breaches of Code (R v Forbes)

8. Criticism to approach to breach the code

9. Social Media rise and growth in UK law

10. Social Media effect on wines ID and how witness ID is collected ( supporting cases)

11. Is there enough protection against the D or the accused in contemporary modern day when it comes to witness ID? If yes, show cases, If no, then identify issues as well as suggest changes.

12. Consider whether the safeguards are enough

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