Experimental Psychology Research Paper

Experimental Psychology
Experimental Psychology

Experimental Psychology

Experimental Psychology test;Does absences affect exam grade


You will be attempting to analyze a set of data and write it up in APA format. As in class, you must have a title page, Introduction with 2 citations, a purpose and hypothesis, Method section, Result section, and a figure (Scatterplot) all in APA format. Please upload 2 documents into live text:

APA complete paper for Multiple Regression Analysis
SPSS Data and output tables for multiple regression analysis
Multiple Regression

Data was collected to see if overall absences in high school and a student’s SAT score were good predictors of their overall mean exam grade in in college.

Use the data below to compute a multiple regression analysis. As in lab 4 you must include the overall R2 and statistic for the Multiple Regression, the individual predictors’ statistic, and the overall % that the predictors contribute to the Mean Exam Grade.

Student Absences SAT MEAN EXAM GRADE

1 4 620 82

2 2 750 98

3 2 500 76

4 3 520 68

5 1 540 84

6 0 690 99

7 4 590 67

8 8 490 58

9 7 450 50

10 3 560 78

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