Socialist legal system Essay Paper

Socialist legal system
Socialist legal system

Socialist legal system

Paper is on socialist legal system and please use Russia as a reference country to explain the socialist system.

Socialist law is the legal system used in most Communist states. It is based on the civil law system and Marxist-Leninist ideology. During the cold war period, it was incorporated into the legal systems of the Soviet Union and its former satellite states in Central and Eastern Europe. These systems were built on the notion that the state, rather than private individuals, should own most of the property within its jurisdiction.When the cold war ended and the Soviet Union collapsed in 1989, support for the socialist legal model waned considerably.

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Law of Evidence Research Paper

Law of Evidence
Law of Evidence

Law of Evidence

When a crime has been committed, a suspect is often first identified by a witness looking at photographs on social media, or during a street identification conducted by the police. Consider critically whether there exist sufficient safeguards during the process of the police investigation and any subsequent trial to protect someone identified in these ways from the dangers of a mistaken visual identification. Most importantly, highlighting these 12 key areas.

1. History of eyewitness evidence (also cover pre and post devlin)

2.Turnbull direction & supporting cases (Rv Bentley, Shand v R, R v Thorton, R v Slater) and that about withdrawing the cases from the jury

3.Criticism of turnbull (analysis and psychological research)

4. Formal & Informal Ids

5. Code D & ID procedures

6.Criticism of Code D and STREET ID

7.Breaches of Code (R v Forbes)

8. Criticism to approach to breach the code

9. Social Media rise and growth in UK law

10. Social Media effect on wines ID and how witness ID is collected ( supporting cases)

11. Is there enough protection against the D or the accused in contemporary modern day when it comes to witness ID? If yes, show cases, If no, then identify issues as well as suggest changes.

12. Consider whether the safeguards are enough

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Criminal Justice Case Study Paper

Criminal Justice
Criminal Justice

Criminal Justice

Criminal Justice Case Study

1.Part 1  Police-Community Relations Plan:

Assess the current state of police-community relations in the town or city where you live and then recommend solutions for any existing conflict or tensions by developing methods for improving police-community relations.

2.Part 2 Current and Future Trends:

Evaluate current and future trends in police-community relations by responding to the following questions:

1.Assess whether the current trend in criminal justice is toward the politically conservative or liberal. Hypothesize what the likely effect of this trend will be on the system.

2.Argue what changes are likely to occur in the balance between “service” versus “crime prevention” for police-community relations programs.

3.Hypothesize what the shift from the Medical Model to the Justice Model will mean for the police, courts, and corrections in the future.

Utilize library and internet resources as needed. Cite any sources used within the paper according to APA format and list them on a separate references page at the end of the paper (Note: The reference page does not count toward the minimum page requirement).

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Labor law Essay Paper Available

Labor law
Labor law

Labor law

Labor law primarily concerns the rights and responsibilities of unionized employees. Some groups of employees find unions beneficial, since employees have a lot more power when they negotiate as a group rather than individually. Unions can negotiate for better pay, more convenient hours, and increased workplace safety. However, unions do not have limitless power. Leaders must treat all union members fairly and refrain from restricting union members’ rights to speech, assembly, and voting powers.

Discuss the following;

  • the distinction between craft and other unions
  • the use of coercion by the employers
  • the growth and rapid fall of various precursors to modern unions (like knights of labour)
  • the involvement of women and immigrants in the labour movement
  • the role government played in the recognition of unions
  • the modern relationship between employers and employees

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California Return for Jack & Norma Jones

California Return
California Return

California Return

California Return for Jack & Norma Jones

Based on the Form 1040 with supportive forms and the information provided below, please prepare 2017 California Return for Jack & Norma Jones. They reside at 15 Maple Street in San Jose, CA 95134. Refer to the CA Form 540 Instructions, Week 9 supplemental lectures for the mechanics of CA Individual Tax Forms.

Jack Jones was born May 1, 1967 and works as an engineer at ABC Technology, his taxable wages (after 401k deductions, etc.) is $130,000 per year. His wife Norma Jones (born June 2, 1969) was a bookkeeper for Al’s Supermarket – she earned $35,000 during the first 9 months of the year and then was laid off for the rest of 2017. Their wage amounts are the same for federal and California. Norma has also received $11,000 in unemployment compensation from the state of California.

In 2017 Jack and Norma were covered by a healthcare plan offered through Jack’s company.

Jack has had $28,200 of Federal income taxes withheld from his paychecks and $10,000 California income taxes withheld from his paychecks. Norma had $1,800 Federal income tax and $1,000 California income tax withheld from her Al’s Supermarket paycheck. There were no taxes withheld on her unemployment compensation.

They have sold 100 shares of ABC Technology stocks during the year for $62,000 that they acquired in 2003 for $50,000. Note that everything they sold is long-term capital gains. You should assume that the cost basis for California purposes is the same as for Federal purposes. None of the stocks sold are qualified small business stock.

They received $400 of qualified dividend income from their ABC Technology stock. They also received interest income of $156 from Wells Fargo Bank. Norma is originally from Las Vegas, NV and a few years ago her parents gave her some City of Las Vegas municipal bonds which she still owns. She received $600 of interest income from these bonds which is tax exempt for Federal income tax purposes.

They have children but they finished college and have moved out – Jack and Norma do not support them.

They have owned their own home in San Jose since 1992, have mortgage interest of $9,800, and property taxes of $4,000. They own two cars and the deductible part of their DMV fees is $130. In April 2017, they filed their joint 2016 California income tax return and paid $1000 tax due to California.

Here is a list of their cash donations to various organizations:

  • Saint Mary’s (Roman Catholic Church) $2,000
  • Second Harvest Food Bank $500
  • Santa Clara University (Fundraising Campaign) $1,000
  • Make-A-Wish Foundation $100

With time on her hands, Norma has prepared and filed their joint federal Form 1040 but she has hired you to prepare the California Form 540 (and any required schedules).
You need to prepare a California Form 540 and a California Schedule CA540. If required, you should also prepare a California Schedule D540 (hint: read the directions). You may assume there is NO Federal or California AMT to consider.

Please note that I recommend using California fill-in PDF forms and not use tax software for this HW. Another option is to prepare 1040 first in tax software before you prepare California forms. This will take more time though. But it is up to you.


1. Review Jones’ Form 1040
2. Download fill-in California Form 540 and Schedule 540(CA) and Form Instructions.
3. Start with 540(CA) to identify Federal/California differences
4. Move to Form 540 – line 13 is Federal AGI $188,556
5. Use 540 Instructions, CA (540) to complete Form 540

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Business Law Case Study Assignment

Business Law
Business Law

Business Law


This assignment consists of two elements:

• Your responses to questions (as listed below) taken from Chapters 10 to 16 in the text; and

• Your responses to questions relating to case based questions (as listed below) taken from Chapters 10 to 16 in the text


Submit a report containing your responses to the following questions and case discussion questions based on Chapters 10 through 16 of the text by the deadline published in the Assignment Schedule. Your report must be submitted as a Word document through the Assignment 2 Turn It In drop box on the Moodle course site. Do not submit PDF’s.


Respond to the specific questions asked below and ensure that you include in your responses, discussion of the elements in the grading rubric.

1. The Sale of Goods Act imposes terms relating to goods matching samples or descriptions, and meeting standards of fitness, quality and title. Explain the nature of these implied terms and their effect on the parties. Indicate which terms are conditions and which are warranties. Explain the significance of the distinction.

2. Distinguish among a derivative action, dissent and oppression. Explain when it would be appropriate to use each of them.

3. What is meant by a restrictive covenant? Under what circumstances will such a covenant be binding on subsequent landowners? How does this relate to a building scheme?

4. Distinguish among an employee, an independent contractor and an agent.

5. Set out the nature of the duties owed by a director of a corporation. To whom are these duties owed? Who else in the corporate organization owes similar duties?

6. What factors will a court take into consideration when determining compensation in a wrongful dismissal action? Indicate the various types of remedies that may be available to the plaintiff.

7. Distinguish between an agent’s actual, implied, and apparent authority. Explain why this distinction can be important from the agent’s point of view.

8. Contrast a tenancy in common with a joint tenancy, and indicate how one can be changed to another. Why is the distinction important?

9. List the concerns for employers arising from computer misuse by employees in the workplace. What steps can employers take to minimize the risk of vicarious liability?

10. How does the Bulk Sales Act protect creditors when a business is selling all, or almost all, of its assets?

Business law Case Discussion Questions

Respond to the specific questions asked below and ensure that you include in your responses, discussion of the elements in the grading rubric.

Case 1

Doug and Bill Tremblett were brothers and, at least in the early stages, owned a fishing boat together. The brothers worked together in the fishing operation from 1989 to 2004 using a crab license that Bill had acquired through a swap and that was held in his own name. The crab fishing license was the primary asset of the business and the main subject matter of the dispute. After the brothers stopped working together Bill continued on with the fishing enterprise, relying on the crab license he had obtained.

  • Explain any claim Doug might have against Bill in this situation.
  • Would it affect your answer if Bill did more than Doug?
  • If the value of the license was over $800,000 at the time they stopped fishing together, what would Doug be entitled to if successful given the trial took place in 2012?

Case 2

Adams was involved in a direct mailing scheme centered in Ontario and aimed at subjects in the United States. These direct mailings contained false and misleading representations contrary to section 52(1) of the Competition Act. He was charged under that section in the action.

  • Explain any arguments that he might be able to raise in his defense.
  • Does it make any difference where his potential victims reside?
  • If this prosecution were unsuccessful under the Competition Act, is there any other legislation that can be used against him?

Case 3

The City of Kitchener passed a new statute in its Property Standards By-Law prohibiting the distribution of light that disturbed adjacent inhabitants or trespassed on their property. An order to desist such light distribution was issued to 48965 Ontario Ltd. They disputed the order, claiming that the bylaw was too vague and retrospective.

  • What do you think?
  • Was it being applied retrospectively?
  • Can such a by-law regulating the distribution of light be clear, or is it necessarily vague?

Case 4

The corporation defendant consented to a judgement against it. The issue was whether its owner/director, Smith, was personally liable. The defendant corporation provided cabinets for Smith’s personal residence. The transaction was with the defendant corporation. The house went into foreclosure but the corporation was owed $250,000. Smith did not give any personal guarantee; he owed $250,000 to the defendant corporation for the cabinets.

  • Is this a case in which the Courts would “lift the corporate veil”? Why or why not?

Case 5

Smith was an inventor who had patented and produced a tool containing bearings that could better handle the download in well-drilling operation. A corporation manufactured an identical product and Smith sued the corporation for patent infringement.

  • Explain the appropriate remedies available to Smith.
  • How would it affect your answer to know that Smith manufactured a tool sold to the industry that contained the bearing at the time the patent was applied for? Note as well that the corporation also claimed that the development of the bearings was an obvious development to anyone in the industry.

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Minor crime of prostitution Essay Paper

Minor crime of prostitution
Minor crime of prostitution

Minor crime of prostitution

Assuming that this practice of working with the prostitutes is approved by the chief;

  • can emotivism be applied to understand the perspective of all parties except the student?
  • Does their behavior fall under objectivist, subjectivist, naturalistic, or non-naturalistic theory?
  • Is it ethically justifiable to disregard the minor crime of prostitution if it is believed that it will assist in capturing more dangerous or violent criminals? Use relative statements and arguments to support your stand, using correct terminology.
  • Since it is obvious that the chief is not fully upholding the oath of office, should the student report this activity to the state attorney general?
  • What is the student’s ethical responsibility?

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Child abuse suspect Essay Paper

Child abuse suspect
Child abuse suspect

Child abuse suspect

Discuss and explain the difficulties an investigator may encounter when interviewing spouses and children of a child abuse suspect.

Identify other sources of information an investigator may seek to corroborate a victim’s disclosure.

Discuss the overall importance of corroboration in child abuse cases.

Upon receiving a report, CPS conducts an investigation, within a specified time frame (typically within 24 or 48 hours or up to 5 days, depending on the State). The goal of CPS is to determine whether or not maltreatment has occurred and is likely to occur in the future and whether the child’s safety can be ensured in the home. In forming conclusions about maltreatment and risk, the worker receives input from other professionals and from non-professionals (e.g., parents, children, neighbors, relatives), but the final decisions lie with CPS.

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Legal System Comparison Paper

Legal System Comparison
Legal System Comparison

Legal System Comparison

Legal System Comparison.The origins and the framework of the U.S. legal system and power and authority of the courts to interpret and apply the law.

Research the laws of another jurisdiction (not my current jurisdiction of Phoenix, Az) and compare its laws to those of the United States.

Specifically, you should focus on the differences in the legal systems. laws, traditions, and cultures. Likewise, discuss any similarities you observe and why you think those similarities exist.

Legal systems around the world vary greatly, but they usually follow civil law or common law. In common law, past legal precedents or judicial rulings are used to decide cases at hand. Under civil law, codified statutes and ordinances rule the land. Some countries like South Africa use a combination of civil and common law.

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Harris v. Forklift Systems Document Preview

Harris v. Forklift Systems
Harris v. Forklift Systems

Harris v. Forklift Systems

Write a brief on the Harris v. Forklift Systems Preview the document Supreme Court case. The brief should be at least 3 pages in length. Your brief should set forth the facts of the case, the main issue before the Court, the decision of the Court, the reasons for the decision, the position of the concurring or dissenting opinions, and finally, your position on whether the Court made the correct decision.

The brief will be graded on the understanding of the issue set forth in the case and the reasoning of the opinions, both majority and dissenting. It will not be graded on whether I agree with your position on the case, but whether you have stated the issue and provided a basis for your opinion of the decision.

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