Business administration Essay Paper

Business administration
Business administration

Business administration

Business administration Case Study Paper

Imagine your small business produces very small remote control aircraft capable of long sustained flights. You are ready to expand your business by competing for Department of Defense (DoD) contracts. You wish to bid on a contract that will be worth over $600,000 to your expanding company.

Write a two to three (2-3) page paper in which you:

  1. Select the simplified acquisition method that fits your company the most, and then provide a rationale for your selection. Note: Remember you are a small business that will have a massive expansion if you win this contract.
  2. Analyze all parts and sections of the uniform contract format that could present a problem in this scenario. Suggest how you will adjust your approach to turn the problems you have identified into strengths for your small company.
  3. Use at least three (3) quality resources in this assignment. Note: Wikipedia and similar Websites do not qualify as quality resources.

Your assignment must follow these formatting requirements:

  • Be typed, double spaced, using Times New Roman font (size 12), with one-inch margins on all sides; citations and references must follow APA or school-specific format. Check with your professor for any additional instructions.
  • Include a cover page containing the title of the assignment, the student’s name, the professor’s name, the course title, and the date. The cover page and the reference page are not included in the required assignment page length.

The specific course learning outcomes associated with this assignment are:

  • Assess the simplified acquisition methods.
  • Differentiate between the parts and sections of the Uniform Contract Format.
  • Use technology and information resources to research issues in contract administration and management.
  • Write clearly and concisely about contract administration and management using proper writing mechanics.

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Customer Service Essay Assignment

Customer Service 
Customer Service

Customer Service

This Customer Service assignment provides you with an opportunity to explain the dynamics of teamwork, including motivation, conflict resolution, and leadership. First, read the scenario below.


The vice president (VP) of marketing has hired you as the leader whose first task involves implementing a new process for applying customer service within the organization. The VP shares that the purpose of this initiative is to help resolve a list of issues that are negatively infecting teamwork:

  1. morale is low
  2. employees are consistently late for work while others leave early
  3. workers disagree on the daily workload
  4. there is no drive or enthusiasm
  5. above all, two employees have complained about harassment.

Your team consists of eight employees: three are newly hired employees, five employees are male and three are female. Each employee has a diverse background.

Your charge is to reach the goal of improving customer service by directing the team through the five stages of team development.

After reading the scenario, write a minimum three-page paper by using the following questions as guidelines:

  • Motivation: What is the current state of motivation for employees, and what can you do to improve their motivation?
  • Leadership: What can leadership personnel do to positively impact teamwork that eventually leads to better customer service?
  • Resolving conflict: How can the employees approach resolving conflicts with one another in order to maintain a positive teamwork dynamic?
  • Resolving conflict: How can the employees approach resolving conflicts with customers?
  • Teamwork: What types of activities would help the team progress through the five stages of team development? (See page 161 in the textbook for the stages.)

Also, be sure your paper fulfills the following requirements:

  • The body of the paper consists of at least three pages.
  • The format of your paper follows APA style.
    Properly cite one reference (e.g., journal article) that you located from the university’s online library.
  • Properly cite two references (e.g., article, webpage) that you located from reputable sources (e.g., online library or reputable webpages).
  • Properly cite your textbook within the paper.

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Single dominant supplier Essay Paper

Single dominant supplier
               Single dominant supplier

Single dominant supplier

A monopoly is a supplier of a product or service that has no competitors – it is the sole provider in a market. Some people also include a market with just two or three suppliers – but that is not a ‘pure monopoly’.The word monopoly may refer to the situation in which there is only one supplier of a product or a service, or the supplier itself.

1. The balancing of supply and demand

2. Production costs

3. Perfect competition

4. Monopoly and how the existence of a single dominant supplier for a commodity affects the marketplace, and Consumer demand theory

5. Opportunity costs.

6. How do Cartels manipulate the price of oil and gas?

7. What is a Veblen good? Discuss what products the Consumers buy for the pride of owning it in addition to its value.

8. What is the impact that supply and demand have on pricing?

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Adobe Systems, Chez Louise Research Paper

Adobe Systems
Adobe Systems

Adobe Systems, Chez Louise

Part I

Read the Wikipedia overview of Adobe Systems. (Note: Wikipedia isn’t usually considered a scholarly source, but the contents of this page are satisfactory for the purposes of this Case. You may search the Web for additional sources of information about the company if you like, but it is not necessary.)

Based upon your understanding of the Module 1 materials, answer the following questions:

  1. How would you classify the company: as service, merchandising, manufacturing, or hybrid? Why?
  2. Describe the company’s principle product, or product type. Does the product have tangible or intangible attributes, or both?
Chez Louise
Chez Louise

Part II

Chez Louise is a high-end French restaurant serving dinner only, between 6 and 11 p.m. six nights per week (closed on Mondays). The restaurant was recently purchased by a national chain, and underwent a complete renovation. The renovation—which cost $1.6 million—expanded capacity, increased staff, added menu items, and changed the motif from Provençal rustic to Parisian chic. It also substantially increased menu prices.
The information below summarizes the state and activity of the business for the three months before the renovation, and for three months following its reopening. The figures are the monthly averages of the three-month periods.

The parameters are as follows:

Settings/night: The average number of place settings, or places where a guest could sit at any given point in time. The dishes and flatware are, of course, replaced between guests. This number is averaged over time, because the tables can be rearranged to accommodate parties. It’s also not the same thing as seats, because bench seating can accommodate more or fewer guests, depending upon conditions.

Guests/night: The average number of guests served between opening and closing, per night.

Returns/night: The average number of guests (per night) who have patronized the restaurant at least once in the previous month. This is determined from credit card records.

Income/night: The average total payments received from guests, minus operating expenses, per night.

Here are the operations numbers.

Before renovation After renovation
Settings/night                     10                          25
Guests/night                        20                         55
Returns/night                       1                            3
Income/night                    1000                     3200

Calculate the following productivity numbers. Show your work.

Productivity units    Before renovation After renovation Gain (%)
Guests per setting
Returns per setting
Income per setting

Which of the gains would you consider most important? Least important? Why?

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Cultural and ethical business values

Cultural and ethical business values
Cultural and ethical business values

Cultural and ethical business values

Choose two countries that you perceive to have different cultural and ethical business values, at least one of which must be a European nation.

In a thoughtful, well-written paper, please describe the principal differences you would expect to see between these two countries with regards to governance practices. Please provide specific examples showing the implications that those differences have in terms of managerial policies and practice.

Too often, companies place profit ahead of all other considerations, engaging in dubious practices and creating a culture devoid of business ethics. The results can devastate entire economies, as well as causing irreparable harm to both the business itself and its customers.An ethical business culture can be defined by several key components, which places reliable companies above those that will do anything for a buck.

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Citizenship, social responsibility report

Citizenship, social responsibility report
Citizenship, social responsibility report

Citizenship, social responsibility report

Select a firm of interest and read their most recent citizenship, social responsibility report and communicate the primary social-, environmental-, and supply chain-related initiatives—as they relate to the firm’s operations and supply chain—underway in the company and the relevant performance outcomes of these initiatives (if they are available).

As a foil to the company’s self-reported information, spend some time researching what other organizations (e.g., press and NGOs…with cited sources!) have to say about the company’s activities, checking to see if they are engaged in potentially harmful activities not mentioned in their report (Do the other voices corroborate or contradict what the company has said about their own actions?).

Finally, comment on your personal reactions to the report and other voices. Pasting images in the bottom three rows of the table can help to explain/support your text entries.

ENVIRONMENTAL elements/issues/initiatives

  • Identify two or three primary initiatives the organization is reporting that address most important ENVIRONMENTAL issues facing the company.
  • The issues should be related to operations and can address inputs, the transformation process, or outputs (e.g., waste, emissions, etc.).When possible, do identify the quantitative benefits/results of the initiatives (e.g., tons of emissions saved, water saved, etc.).
    SOCIAL elements/issues/initiatives
  • Identify two or three initiatives the organization is reporting that addresses an important SOCIAL issue facing the company.
  • Initiatives addressing social issues in the workplace are likely candidates here (e.g., workplace safety, child labor). Customer issues (e.g., reducing magnetic exposure from mobile phones) may be included as well.When possible, do identify the quantitative benefits/results of the initiatives (e.g., worker injuries reduced).

SUPPLY CHAIN elements/issues/initiatives

Identify two or three initiatives the organization is reporting that address important SOCIAL or ENVIRONMENTAL issues that are in their SUPPLY CHAIN.

OTHER VOICES: Consider what other organizations (NGOs, press, etc.) are saying about the company and its actions, including perspectives that might differ from the one presented in the organization’s report. Be careful about using unsubstantiated information (e.g., statements from blogs).

PERSONAL REACTION: Share your thoughts about the company after reading their report. Why do you think the firm published this report, in its current form? What surprised you? Did your feelings about the firm change after reading the report? Why or why not? Did it change after reading other voices of the firm?

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Alibaba Retail management term paper

Alibaba Retail management
Alibaba Retail management

Alibaba Retail management

Alibaba Retail management term paper

Write about alibaba ,don’t write too much history.Write such as its business mode, customer loyalty and so on , and compare with Amazon.

Working with third-party stores is a new way for Alibaba to expand its physical footprint and increase its involvement in brick-and-mortar retail, both of which have been a focus for it as of late.

Alibaba’s retail platform gives brick-and-mortar stores technological tools, while also securing data and fulfillment centers for the e-commerce titan.

  • Stores can use Ling Shou Tong for free, and they also receive access to analytics and logistics from Alibaba. The analytics provide stores with recommendations regarding what they should buy and how they should display it in order to maximize sales and profits. Additionally, through cloud computing and other technology, the stores can use a digital inventory management system, and have Alibaba ship products directly to them.
  • In return for providing Ling Shou Tong for free, Alibaba receives data on consumer behavior from the stores, as well as the ability to use the stores as fulfillment centers. This allows Alibaba to add brick-and-mortar shopping behavior to its algorithms, which can improve its capabilities both online and in-store. Meanwhile, using stores as fulfillment centers can help Alibaba build out its omnichannel options.

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Stock split Discussion question Available

Stock split
Stock split

Stock split

This Stock split discussion question is in preparation of CLA 2. Using Yahoo Finance or any credible source identify 5 securities that had significant appreciation in value from year 1980 to 2000.

In evaluating appreciation, you need to incorporate effect of stock-split. Then organize the data on the value at the end of each year, stock splits through these years, and annual paid dividend for each security in an Excel file.

Organize it in a way that data on securities are arranged adjacent in horizontal direction. Then evaluate annual return for each year and for each security, incorporating change in value, paid dividends, and effect of stock split.

No two submissions should be exactly the same, otherwise the later submission will be rejected in favor of the earlier submission. Attach this Excel file to your post. Also, in initiation of your written CLA 2 state your portfolio formation problem, provide the data on the 5 securities, as mentioned above, and the criterion for choosing these securities.

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Analyzing business customer service

Analyzing business customer service
Analyzing business customer service

Analyzing business customer service

Identify one company from the attached Temkin Report on company ratings by customer experience. You will note on pages 8, 9, 11 and 12 the best and worst companies are listed by industry. Select at least one of these businesses for your research.
Minimize File Preview. You can find the Temkin Report with the additional files attachment.

Write a 3-4 page paper addressing the following:

1. Follow APA style for Memo Format (cover page and bibliography are not included in the page count but are required). For a helpful resource on this topic, see:

Generally you will see that memos are 1-2 pages, but this is a longer paper in terms of the requirements, so 3-4 pages total is okay for our purposes here.

2. Provide a 1-2 page overview of the business selected, why you chose this business, and the Temkin ratings (if available, if not available just provide an overview of what Temkin rates and how you think your selected business would rate). Integrate information from previous findings in modules 8 and 9 if appropriate. Research the business and use at least two sources from a newspaper, periodical, or journal regarding the business and find the business on the (Not all businesses are listed there so if you don’t find yours find an alternative website). Discuss the business you selected (make sure that the business you selected is identified in the resources).

3. Identify pertinent passages from the textbook on how customer experience, customer relationship management, and customer service is provided by this company. Summarize/integrate these concepts into your analysis of how well this business builds customer relations (at least one page). To be found with additional files.

4. In at least one page, address the following questions regarding the business you selected:

  • In your opinion, is this business effective in building brand loyalty, emotional loyalty, & behavioral loyalty?
  • Does the business have a presence on Social Media? (Identify the sites)
  • How does the business use Social Networking sites? (provide examples)
  • Does the business have a mission statement, and if so, are the customers part of the mission statement?
  • Review the business’ web site and address how it is or is not customer-centric.
  • In your opinion, where can this business improve? (Don’t avoid this question by saying you don’t think this business has any room for improvement. If that is truly your opinion, then go into detail describing why you reached this conclusion)

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Income statement and balance sheet

Income statement and balance sheet
Income statement and balance sheet

Income statement and balance sheet

Search Yahoo Finance or any other credible source to retrieve the most recent income statement and balance sheet for a major leveraged corporation.

  • Provide these statements in proper format.
  • Also, retrieve the data on the company’s stock annual rate of return for the past 20 years.
  • In addition, retrieve annual rate of return of a major financial index. Present this data as well.
  • Using the data on company’s stock rate of return and the index’s rate of return estimate beta of the corporation.
  • Make sure to adjust this value to obtain leveraged beta.
  • Compare this value with the value stated by the source.
  • Retrieve the risk-free rate of return as the annual interest rate of US treasuries.
  • Based on these values estimate the expected annual rate of return of the corporation’s security.
  • Using the financial statements mentioned above estimate the annual rate of interest paid by the corporation (cost of debt).
  • Also, find the tax rate and capitalization ratio (proportions among equity and debt).
  • Using these values that you have found estimate the annual weighted cost of capital (WACC) of the corporation.

b. Suppose that the corporation is offered an investment which has the following cash flows.

Year      Cash flow

0           -$10,000.000

1              $1,500,000

2              $1,500,000

3              $1,500,000

4              $1,500,000

5               $1,500,000

6               $1,500,000

7                $1,500,000

8                $1,500,000

9                $1,500,000

10               $1,500,000

Based on WACC, Is this investment viable?

For each part above state the problem before answering the questions, provide clear justifications, explain your work in detail, and cite all references used for development

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