Social & ethical standards in evidence gathering

You are required to produce a report as an Expert Witness, based upon the case study as presented below.
Jane Jones has for a number of years been the head of recruitment for a UK national bank. Over the last few months, she has been receiving numerous emails and messages from an anonymous source claiming to be in a relationship with Jane – who is happily married. Whilst no overtly sexual content has been discovered, the general tone of the messages has, over time, become more threatening in nature. Based upon an investigation undertaken by her own private investigator, a profile of the perpetrator was produced and has been used to identify a likely suspect. This suspect has been identified as a person with whom she once went to university with and took a number of classes together, 25 years ago. There was never any relationship, though they were at one time close friends. The suspect has been identified as a John Smith, an American citizen who studied in the UK under a student visa and returned to the USA to live after graduation. Following this discovery, all information was handed over to the UK police who are now in the process of carrying out a full investigation. As part of the pre-investigation stage, you have been employed by the UK police as an expert witness and you are required to produce a report highlighting those areas that may have an impact on the investigation and any subsequent prosecution, particularly in the area of Jurisdictional issues.
NOTE: The report is not intended as a technical investigation/report. The final report is aimed at those that will be carrying out the investigation. Whilst some technical detail may be required, this is expected to be kept to a minimum.

The Report
You are required to produce a report as if you are the expert witness in this case. You are required to cover the following areas: (associated marks in brackets)
a) Any legal and/or procedural issues that may impinge on the case with respect to national & international law, guidelines and directives. (25%)
b) How the gathering and interpretation of any evidence gathered will be compliant with law(s) and social & ethical standards. (25%)
c) How, in general, the role as an expert witness is managed within a legal case and what you see as your role in this specific case. (25%)
d) Provide an overview of what evidence would need to be searched for, and how it would be collected and preserved for court. (25%)

The report is to be written in the 3rd person.
The report is to be written in a professional manner, paying due regard to the following aspects:
The report should have a consistent layout and be divided into enumerated sections, sub-sections etc.
Please be aware that this need to be written in UK ENGLISH and needs to be of a High Standard Piece of Work which provide good level of detail and knowledge on the following aspects mentioned on the 1st page.
References should be in Harvard. Most of your references should be within the last 5 years from today date.
Please DO NOT INCLUDE TITLE, NAME/University Name, and REFERNCES within the WORD COUNT.