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    Business Administration

    I need all the responses in APA fornat with all references cited at the end.

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    Bonds Question

    Go to the FINRA Bonds Quick Search.Click the Corporate check box under Bond Type then click Show Results.Choose any bond. Assume interest rates for bonds today is 5% for an AAA rated bond. Calculate the price of the bond you have selected relative to the 5%. Is the bond selling at a premium or a discount? Why? Be sure to show how you arrived at your answer.What other factors may influence the value of a bond?       

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    Business case study(revise)

    Revise Writing Criteria 1 Introduction: Good start with the introduction. The thesis statement is the last sentence in the paragraph and tells readers the main points covered in the paper. Criteria 2 Content: Business Form: There are instances in which a partnership may work but in explaining the reasoning this business form, there are particular strengths and weaknesses that need to be discussed. The most significant disadvantage of the business form was not well discussed and it does not appear that other forms were viewed or it would have been seen that there are better choices than a partnership. Content: Financing Assistance: Selecting a partnership may mean that the partner is selected for finances but what does the partner get in return.The best option was not selected – one in which Jack could would not have to worry about having the funds to operate and pay the short-term bills.Consider revisiting the entrepreneurship module to learn about the options for financing. Content: Staffing Changes/Organizational Structure: A horizontal organizational structure is a good choice but is not only based on the reason provided.Instead of discussing the different staffing positions, it was indicated that statistics be put together. What statistics are you referring to and how would these be used to determine positions or organization? Content: Customer and Promotion: Interesting point about availability of food. Not sure why food trucks and carts would not have the same products.Promotion is not discussed in any detail. this section of the paper has a great potential for possibilities but what is presented is extremely limited.Consider adding to this section of the paper. Content: Ethics/Social Responsibility: Very little is presented in this section of the paper. There is so much that can be added to this section.Consider looking at the facts from the case study.Criteria 3 Summary: Good summary capturing the main topics. Criteria 4 Critical Thinking/Reasoning: The concepts are not fully developed. What is presented is very high level but needs more detail.Consider using the facts from the case study. Application of Resources: It is unclear as to where the information came from in the paper. There are only three in-text citations at the end of a paragraph that doesn’t demonstrate use of course material or facts from case study. Criteria 5 Attention to Instructions: All of the different sections have been addressed but in doing so, a comprehensive analysis is not performed.Students were asked to use facts from the case study, to use course material and to cite and reference the material used. Whenever any material is used, it has to be cited. Putting a citation at the end of a paragraph does not capture whatever is in the paragraph. What is used does not well support the course material. Criteria 6 Writing Mechanics: Overall, the writing is fairly good. There are extra words that are not needed. The use of “therefore” is not needed in most cases. There are also missing words in various sentences. Criteria 7 APA Style (6th ed.): See note above for using in-text citations and references. The references look good but in-text citations are missin throughout the entire paper.Consider looking at the sample APA paper under weeks 4 and 7 and review the material in the Course Resources module on APA. Not citing can lead to academic dishonesty allegations that you do not want. Avoid such a possibility by citing all material used.

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    1,200–2,000 words, including research in essay format

    Lester Scholl’s administrative assistant calls you on Monday afternoon to set up a conference call between you and the chairman tomorrow morning to discuss the board’s reaction to your list and to discuss your next task. You call the number she gave you, and Lester joins the call shortly after.”I’m pleased with your work,” he says. The board was impressed with your list of factors. Your ranking made sense because your explanations were well-written. I suspect they read everything you sent because it was concise and clear. Good job.””Thanks,” you say, and you feel relieved that your first assignment was well-received.”Your list provided the basis for a good conversation about the manufacturing operations,” he says. “We want to know more about the economy of both countries to further inform our decision-making process.””That makes sense,” you say. “The United States and South Korea hold many distinct economic factors that may affect AutoEdge’s long-term financial performance.””Right,” he says. “Your research on the two economies will give the board enough information so we can advise the new, incoming CEO.””What should my research include?” you ask.”In your research, you must take into consideration several macroeconomic factors,” he says. “We want to see information about the gross domestic product (GDP), unemployment, interest rates, and inflation for both the United States and South Korea. Make sure your research is current; that is, no more than 6 months old.””I’ll get started right away,” you say.”Very good,” he says. “Let me know if you have any questions, and I’ll put you in touch with some of the other members of the board if I can’t provide the answers you need.””Great,” you say. “Thank you.”

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    PSY 5-2

    Assignment 2: Term Paper to download the  Term Paper Template.**(NOTE: the template is attached)** For , you developed an Annotated Bibliography of research on two disorders. For this assignment you will pick one of the disorders and write a term paper on that disorder.Your paper should address information on the following areas:The paper should adhere to the following guidelines:Please see the assignment template for details on each section. 

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    Which challenges to HRD professionals discussed in this week’s text reading will directly affect your present and future working environment? Explain your response: How will it affect it? Why will it affect it?What additional challenges do you foresee affecting HRD? Explain why you feel these will have an impact on HRD management (why and how).

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    Capstone project

    ,i have a project for statistics class.It must be FREE plagiarism.You are required to use MINITAP in order to access the date. the instructions and the project file are in the attachments.i need it to be done today!!! Important NOTE: For problem number 3 My E number ends with even numbers so no need to the other problem 3, because problem 3 has two kinds one if my number is odd or if its even but mine is even. 

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    Write out information into a word document – math statistics

    Rewrite  all the information from the screenshots into a word document in order. Need this done in 2 hours ASAP!!

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    for ashley claire

    Within Unit VIII, you will submit a concept paper that will serve as the groundwork for a mock public health initiative project. For this unit, you will need to identify a public health concern either within your area or one that is currently trending that would act as a good foundation for the final project. Once you identify a public health concern, you should provide context for your project using the core questions identified in Table 2-1 on page 35 of the textbook. In addition to the core questions, please address each of the following: 1. What is the public health concern of interest? 2. Summarize the problem and behaviors that contribute to the problem. 3. What are past and current approaches used to address the problem? 4. What is your the proposed solution and approach to target the problem? Your project topic should be at least one page, double spaced, and Times New Roman 12 pt. font. You are require 

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    Personal Theory

    See attached document for details. A++ work

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