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  • Archive for the ‘Essays’ Category

    EMS Finance and Human Resource Management

    Choose an EMS funding and financial strategy you think would work best, articulating its advantages over current methods and any disadvantages, as well. Defend your response. Does the system you are studying adhere to any of the best practices of financial strategy?

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    mathematical economics

    Download the wolfram mathematica software and use it to finish the homework. You can let the writer to download it 15 day free trail.

    Also, please keep in mind that this is a must.

    At last, for the following choice, just choose the number 3 ECO 414 students, skip number 4, because I am not M.A student.

    3. Eco414 students: Complete a 4 step (k = 4) hub and authority algorithm using the data provided. Which astrophysicists are the important hubs or authorities? Interpret what that means.

    4. M.A. and 3+1 students: Complete a 4 step (k = 4) hub and authority algorithm using the data provided. This will help you understand the algorithm. Next, undertake the analysis in the limit as k ” . Which astrophysicists are the important hubs or authorities? Interpret what that means.

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    Introductory Macroeconomics

    provide brief answers to the following questions, based on the information included in the chart.

    a) Identify the four elements included in Gross Domestic Product

    b) Estimate roughly the extent of the percentage increase in US nominal consumer spending and US general government spending between 1984 and 2012 – just compare these two years).

    c) What adjustment should be made to the Gross Domestic Product statistics in order to estimate the rate of economic growth, or increases in real consumption or government spending in a particular year?

    d) What does the chart reveal about the US trade balance after 1997? How might this be linked to changes in the trade balance of other countries?

    e) Which were the elements of GDP most affected by the global financial crisis of 2008?

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    Social Media Tools in E-Commerce

    · Explain how to determine the best tools to use in specific situations. Team member two 250 words-300 words max Shawn

    · Explain how new social media tools may be used to distribute messages to consumers and clients. Team member two 250 words-300 words max Shawn

    · Analyze the ethical issues involved in social media use and how to address them. The analysis should include the following: Team member three 600 words no more than 800 words total for this section Thancy

    o Security concerns, such as identity theft Team member three 150 words-200 words max Thancy

    o Credibility, maintaining trust and honestly in marketing and advertising, product reviews, and comments Team member three 150 words-200 words max Thancy

    o Privacy and sharing private information without consent Team member three 150 words-200 words max Thancy

    o Maintaining reputation Team member three 150 words-200 words max Thancy

    · Outline the formal documents needed to launch the new e-commerce unit: the executive summary, business description, operations plan, financial plan, marketing plan, and competitor analysis. Outlines should consist of the following: Team member four 500 words no more than 600 words total for this section Michael

    o Thorough lists of the document contents Team member four 250 words-300 words max Michael

    o Brief descriptions of each part of the document Team member four 250 words-300 words max Michael

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    Moral studies

    Discuss the pros and cons of death penalty

    To discuss death penalty from various religious perspectives

    Finally give your suggestions on any other alternative methods to replace death penalty.

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    “Six IT Decisions Your IT People Shouldn’t Make””

    Global Connection Through Technology

    Explain your answer clearly within the limit of character counts.

    Question 1:

    Joseph Nilekani, the C.E.O. of MNC, was showing me his global video-conference room, pointing with pride to a wall-

    size flat-screen TV, which he said was the biggest in Asia. He explained, that he could hold a virtual meeting of the

    key players from its entire global supply chain for any project at any time on that supersize screen. So its American

    designers could be on the screen speaking with their Indian software writers and their Asian manufacturers all

    at once. We were about to head for a global conference. But the entire system was down. He took no time to call

    senior managers and asked for the reasons which further extended to conversation regarding the concurrent IT

    projects. However most senior managers told one answer: “We need to talk to our respective IT department.”

    Given the above situation which one/or more of the six decisions have been abdicated by the senior managers

    and why?

    Question 2:

    Mr. Zakir, CEO of a company was deciding to install high end software for employees. He called CFO and CMO and

    decided to go for it. What is the flaw in their process of decision making? Explain your answer.

    Question 3:

    While a number of factors distinguish top performing companies, the most important is that senior managers do

    not take a leadership role in a handful of key IT decisions. Do you agree or disagree? Substantiate your choice.

    Question 4:

    Centralizing IT capabilities can save money-but limit business unit’s flexibility. If we assume that you are an

    entrepreneur then which one will you propose for your firm. Explain your answer.

    Assessment 2

    “Six IT Decisions Your IT People Shouldn’t Make”

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    Physical Education

    Critically explore the role of Physical Education in developing ONE of the following whole school and National Priority areas: a) Behaviour, b) Literacy & Numeracy or c) Healthy Lifestyles

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    Physical Education

    Using examples systematically evaluate the principles of effective teaching and learning in Physical Education in line with National Curriculum requirements.

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    businesses protect

    How do businesses protect Intellectual Property against counterfeit goods in today’s E-commerce marketplace in United States?

    Define the term “Intellectual Property”, “Trademark” and “Patent” based on the definitions of United States Federal law, Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) in United States and Universal Copyright Convention. Explain the importance of patent and trademark on protecting business intellectual property in United States.

    • Sub Topic 2:

    Define the issues and effects of counterfeit goods in E-commerce marketplace. Use 2 presentence cases (in current 5 years) in United States related to the intellectual property against counterfeit goods in E-commerce marketplaces as examples and what were the courts’ judgments and based on what laws and codes.

    • Sub Topic 3:

    State out the policies of eBay and Amazon on eliminating the counterfeit goods and protect the intellectual property from the sellers in these platforms. Compare the effects and results on the policies that against counterfeit goods in eBay and Amazon.

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    Understanding customers and relationships

    1. Why should service organisations be focused on relationships with customers? Using Case 4.5(National Grid Transco Group) explain why it is important to develop relationships.

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