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  • Archive for the ‘Essays’ Category


    What are the challenges faced by entrepreneurs?

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    Short Stories

    • Discuss the symbolism/metaphor of the birds in relation to the narrator, his mother, and his father throughout the story, “Shadow on The Wall” by Charles Mungoshi? (One paragraph)

    • Why does the author continuously tell describe the soldier as fat in the short story, “In the Shadows of War” by Ben Okri? What is the purpose of this? How does it make the reader feel toward the soldiers? (One paragraph)

    • In “Closer” by David Malouf, What is the significance of the lines, “…What I thought, in the dream, was that lumpy coarse-stemmed grass was the same on both sides, so why not? If one thick blade didn’t know any more than another that the fence was there, why should his feet?” (1 page in length)

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    Medicine and Health

    Is there an association between Obesity (risk factor) and Type 2 Diabetes in adult (Outcome)

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    What would be the biggest benefits and biggest problems of legalized euthanasia? How significant would these benefits or drawbacks be to your society?

    In light of the potential benefits and risks, do you think that legislation to legalize specific forms of euthanasia in limited cases should be considered?

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    Environmental Economics Policy Briefing Note

    Why do economists discount future costs and benefits in cost-benefit analysis?

    0 Goulder, L. H., and Stavins, R. N. (2002). Discounting: an eye on the future.
    Nature, 419(6908), 673-674.

    0 Markandya, A., and Pearce, D. W. (1991). Development, the environment, and the
    social rate of discount. The World Bank Research Observer, 6(2), 137-152.

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    Leadership for a changing world

    Limit: 275 words
    1. View the following videos
    2. What is your understanding of leadership before you watch the video?
    3. What have you learned from the video about leadership?
    4. Think about the leaders that you are familiar with from the public arena and ask yourself- what is it you like about them? What is it that you think has made them successful?
    5. How important is leadership and why is it important?

    What better way to start this subject then getting some thoughts from well-recognised global leaders? As leaders you are supposed to inspire your followers. This is an excellent inspirational video. THINK: A Forum on the Future of Leadership was a major event held during IBM’s centennial year in 2011, and brought together innovative leaders from across the globe to deepen collective understanding of the keys to success. What does leadership mean in the 21st century? Get motivated by well-known industry and thought leaders.
    Week 1 – How to lead better,

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    Environmental Economics Policy Briefing Note

    Why do economists prefer cost-benefit analysis to multi-criteria analysis?

    0 Dodgson, J. S., Spackman, M., Pearman, A., and Phillips, L. D. (2009). Multi-criteria
    analysis: a manual. Department for Communities and Local Government: London.
    (Chapters 2 to 4)

    o Dobes, L., and Bennett, J. (2009). Multi-criteria Analysis: ‘Good Enough’ for
    Government Work? Agenda, 16(3), pp. 7-29

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    Children learning literacy

    review social, cultural and Christian perspectives on language; describe students’ common stages and patterns of development in English; and, examine the impact students’ diversities have on their learning bout and through English.
    You will demonstrate a high level of personal proficiencies in English throughout.
    Learning Outcomes
    1. Describe students’ common stages and patterns of development in English
    2. Examine the impact students’ diversities and contexts have on their learning about and through English
    3. Demonstrate personal proficiencies in English
    4. Review social, cultural and Christian perspectives on language

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    1.Who is hurt and who is helped by an increase in the legal minimum wage? Under what circumstances might a higher minimum not reduce employment?
    2.In 2007 the president of the University of Southern California was paid $900,000 and the football coach was paid $4 million. Does this make any sense?
    3. Why did not President Obama set pay limits on baseball players who play in public funded stadiums? Why did he single out bank executives?
    4. Collective bargaining sessions often start with unreasonable demands and categorical rejections. Why do unions and employers tend to begin bargaining from extreme positions?
    5. Does a strike for a raise of 5 cents an hour make any sense? what kinds of long-term benefits might a union gain from such a strike?

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    “A contract of marine insurance is a contract based on the utmost good faith, and if the utmost good faith be not observed by either party, the contract may be avoided by the other party.”

    Critically discuss the duty of utmost good faith in the contract of insurance. Is there a compelling reason to this duty, which is against the grain when compared to the usual position in contract law.

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